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Photolab's Features Are Aimed to Increase Sales

Web-Based Order Entry

Web-Based Order Entry

Saving Time Earns You More Money

PhotoLab Direct lets photographers enter their orders online, anytime, at their own convenience. Estimated pricing is displayed as photographers build their albums. Once the order is submitted, the photographer sees the status of the order change from "Incomplete" to "Accepted" in real-time. Seeing the "Accepted" status assures the photographer that all of the images uploaded correctly, the complete order has been received and the work has begun.

With PhotoLab Direct, your customers can skip the many steps, phone calls and e-mails required to submit orders manually. Your staff will have more time available to manage profit-building tasks and increase sales without having to add manpower.

Fully-Guided Order Entry Eliminates Errors

The PhotoLab Direct order entry process is fully-guided and includes specifying album properties, uploading images, providing payment and delivery information and submitting the order. To place an order, photographers log-on to your website and click on a PhotoLab link that is branded with your logo. As their album is being built, photographers select from drop-down menus that offer choices for the various album properties. Many choices come standard with the software but you can customize the menus to meet your specific sales needs. Photographers are then prompted to upload images with their order and these associated images stay with the order on one server. It's that simple.