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Photolab's Features Are Aimed to Increase Sales

Administrator Control Panel

Administrator Control Panel

Administrator Control Panel

Manage All Your Customer Accounts And Their Price Lists

Using PhotoLab Direct's Administrator Control Panel, you can manage all of your customer accounts. Features of the Administrator Control Panel include analyzing how much business is earned from each account, viewing the price list for each account, viewing special discounts given to an account and managing payment information for each account.

Add And Edit Your Products

With the Administrator Control Panel it's easy to add or edit products offered by your company. With a few clicks and a few minutes you can update your website to include new leather swatches, cover styles, print sizes and more.

Manage Your Sales Force Productivity

PhotoLab Direct lets you create accounts for your salespeople. When new photographer accounts are created, an appropriate salesperson can be assigned to each photographer account. At any time, you can generate various reports to see which salesperson is being the most effective for your business.

Create A Distribution Network

Through the Administrator Control Panel of PhotoLab Direct you can expand your business with an online distribution network by providing a link to PhotoLab Direct for your distributors to embed on their website. This link allows their customers to enter orders though PhotoLab Direct and to have those orders are funneled back to you for fulfillment. Customers will only know that they are doing business with your distributors while you are increasing revenue through this captured business.