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Photolab's Features Are Aimed to Increase Sales

Automatic E-mail Notifications

Automatic E-mail Notifications

Automatic E-Mail Notification

Build A Relationship With Your Customers By Keeping Them Informed

PhotoLab Direct utilizes a series of e-mails as a means of communicating between the photographer, the photographer's customer and your company's office staff. The content of the e-mails and the recipients of the e-mails can all be designated by an administrator using the PhotoLab Direct Administrative Control Panel. Here are examples of some of the e-mails that PhotoLab Direct can send out automatically.

  • When a photographer creates a new account, an e-mail goes to the photographer and to your company.
  • When a new order is submitted, a confirmation e-mail goes to the photographer and to your account manager. If the order includes design service, an e-mail goes to the design manager so that the order can be assigned to appropriate designer immediately.
  • When designs are uploaded by the designer, an e-mail goes to the photographer alerting them to log-on to approve the designs.
  • When a photographer asks their client to review the designs, an e-mail goes to the client (i.e., bride/groom) asking them to review the designs of a completed album before it is sent to print.
  • When an order is ready for delivery, an e-mail goes out to the photographer informing them that the order is being shipped.