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Photolab's Features Are Aimed to Increase Sales

Easily Maintain and Update Pricing

Easily Maintain and Update Pricing

Instant And Accurate Price Calculator

Price Transparency Builds Trust And Repeat Business

When a photographer creates an album through PhotoLab Direct, the estimated cost appears on their computer screen. This easy access to price information instills customers with a sense of confidence and loyalty.

Easily Maintain And Update Pricing

Your price database is maintained by PhotoLab Direct and can easily and immediately be updated by your administrator, ensuring that all elements of an album order are always accurately priced and invoiced. Incorrect prices and incomplete invoices can lead to lost revenue. PhotoLab Direct eliminates that problem.

Let Invoicing Become A Sales Tool

PhotoLab Direct enables you to offer special pricing by customer, special discount programs for specific time periods and other incentive programs that help you build your business.