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Photolab's Features Are Aimed to Increase Sales

Superior Order Tracking

Superior Order Tracking

Superior Order Tracking

Reduce Customer Service Call And E-mail Volume By 75% Or More

With PhotoLab Direct technology in place, your employees will spend dramatically less time responding to "Where's my order?" inquiries. Instead, your staff will have time to handle more sales without increasing the size of your sales force. How? PhotoLab Direct keeps all of the elements of an album order together: order selections, uploaded photos, photographer’s notes, internal production notes, etc. At any point, your customers can track their orders by logging-in to your website. They can view any and all aspects of an album order and see where it is in the production process, all without contacting your company. Keeping photographers informed at all times enhances professionalism and helps to establish realistic project timelines and completion dates.

Increase Order Efficiency

Often times, photographers will place a new order with a studio where they ask the studio to replicate a similar order that was completed in the past. PhotoLab Direct creates and maintains an order history for each photographer that does business with you. All it takes is a few clicks online and your employees can pull this history and easily recreate any past order. Your efficient response to a photographer's special request will result in increased customer satisfaction and help to secure even more repeat business.