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Photolab's Features Are Aimed to Increase Sales

"Error-Proof" Proofing Communication

"Error-Proof" Proofing Communication

Keep Track Of All Communication Online

The PhotoLab Direct database serves as the central repository for all album order communications between the photographer, the designer and your production staff. Every communication is saved and available for viewing at any time. The whole process of proofing becomes simpler, quicker, more accurate and more organized. There will never be any question about who asked for changes to be made and when, it's all saved in the PhotoLab Direct album database.

  • PhotoLab Direct manages all correspondences during the proofing cycle with accurate and detailed date/time stamped logs.
  • Photographers can write detailed instructions to the designer and approve or disapprove each page individually and designers can respond to photographer notes with detailed text notes… all while remaining anonymous.
  • Designs submitted by each designer are "Version Stamped," giving you the flexibility to alter pricing based on the number of revisions. Photographers and designers can easily go back to view older versions of a design, something that is very hard to do in a manual process.
  • All notes and feedback are stored in the album's database and can be reviewed at any time.
  • Reduce Customer Complaints

PhotoLab Direct gives your photographers the ability to send their clients a web-based proof review before the job is sent to print. When photographers delegate the responsibility of reviewing proofs to their clients, they improve customer satisfaction while reducing the occurrence of customer requests to re-do an album. Photographers maintain complete control over the entire proofing process as each screen of the proof review is branded with their name and logo.