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A Quick Tour Reviewing PhotoLab's Benefits


Increase Your Productivity And Profit With PhotoLab Direct.

Order Management Software, Exclusively For Photo Professionals

PhotoLab Direct is a web-based software program designed to streamline the order management process, increase sales and improve customer service for professional photo album manufacturing companies and professional photo labs. The software easily integrates with a company's existing website and allows photographers and other photo professionals to order, review, alter, collaborate and track the status of their orders online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The feature-rich PhotoLab Direct will help you to attract more business.

Be More Productive With Our Customizable Interface

For many album companies and photo labs, creating and tracking orders is tedious and time-consuming. Implementing an e-commerce solution can seem like a cost-effective and time-efficient solution but most of the available platforms are generic and cannot be adapted to the photo industry. PhotoLab Direct offers users a fully customizable interface that is specifically designed for album companies and photo labs. It seamlessly leads the customer through the "create," "order," "manage," "track," "invoice" and "deliver" processes online and delivers an array of superior business management tools designed to improve workflow efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction and boost sales. It will also give your company new and flexible ways to price services.

Improve Employee Efficiency And Customer Service

PhotoLab Direct takes a company's existing website to the next level by automating tasks and tracking orders from submission through completion to final invoicing. Customers create their own accounts, submit orders, check the status of their existing orders and request and approve changes to an order, all with the click of a mouse and at their own convenience. PhotoLab Direct keeps track of each and every change and request made by a customer. This eliminates confusion and the need for endless phone calls, dreaded post-it notes and abundant paperwork. Employees are then free to work in areas that truly require hands-on interaction and increase sales.

Profit From Powerful Sales Tools

With the PhotoLab Direct Administrative Control Panel, you can manage both customer account and salesperson productivity data, generate custom reports to help analyze the data, add and promote new products that are available for sale and create an online network of distributors that funnels photographer orders back to your business. Every tool offered in the Administrative Control Panel contributes to increased sales and enhanced customer service.

No. 6 Logs all communication throughout production. Eliminates the “he said/she said” arguments

Let me take this opportunity to say a big thank-you to the whole team at Photolab Direct who created this amazing web-based custom built software for ...