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Photographers Can Create Their Own Accounts


Make It Easy For Photographers To Do Business With You…And They Will.

Grow Your Sales Without Having To Grow Your Staff

PhotoLab Direct yields an immediate return on investment through increased employee productivity and customer satisfaction. With this customized web-based order management solution tied directly to your website, photographers can easily create their own user accounts, enter their own new orders, check the status of their existing orders and request or approve changes on an image. With such an easy-to-navigate production process, photographers will certainly send more business your way. And, instead of paper-pushing and dealing with tedious account details, your staff will be able to focus on profit-producing sales and marketing.

Save Your Staff Valuable Time

Photographers who utilize PhotoLab Direct on your website will be asked to create their own accounts and be responsible for editing their profiles when changes are necessary. Profiles include studio banners (used for white labeling), studio imprinting text and/or studio imprinting images. Providing this functionality to photographers ensures that the information is always correct and eliminates the e-mails and phone calls that your employees would have to process each time a photographer requested a profile update.

Enhance Your Professionalism

Every time a new photographer creates an account on your website, PhotoLab Direct automatically sends the photographer a welcome e-mail and a notification e-mail to your company. E-mail notifications are also sent out when orders are submitted, changes are made and deliveries are ready. This attention to detail is evident throughout the PhotoLab Direct software and it will keep your customers loyal and your business on track.

Customize Features To Meet Your Needs

PhotoLab Direct has a host of customizable features; you will never have to change your internal procedures in any way. Have a new product? Using the Administrative Control Panel, your in-house PhotoLab Direct administrator can easily add, delete or update products that are offered by your company. Products and their configurations include "Albums," "Leather Swatches," "Album Covers," "Imprinting Options," "Print Sizes," "Print Surfaces" and more. PhotoLab Direct also understands that you need to be able to segregate system capabilities based on the role of the user. Users will only obtain information that is appropriate for their role. Various roles/users incorporated into the software include photographers, administrator, order manager, design manager, designers, printer, print inspector, binder, imprinter, gilder, album inspector and shipping department. New roles can be easily added so that PhotoLab Direct truly reflects your unique business model.

No. 7 PhotoLab Direct is web-based. Manage activities from any computer with Internet connection.

Let me take this opportunity to say a big thank-you to the whole team at Photolab Direct who created this amazing web-based custom built software for ...