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Customers Can Easily Enter Orders 24/7


Give Photographers Exactly What They Want…
A Simple And Accurate Order Entry Process.

Offer Photographers Online Ordering That Is Fast And Easy

PhotoLab Direct provides a fully-guided, user-friendly interface that allows photographers to easily enter orders for the following services:

  • Design,
  • Print and Bind
  • Print and Bind
  • Bind only
  • Print only
  • Design only

Photographers can enter an order in one sitting, or over time, 24/7. This convenience gives your company a competitive edge.

Keep Your Inventory Up-To-Date

When orders are placed, you want to be sure that photographers have access to your full inventory including new swatches, new albums and new cover-styles. Using the PhotoLab Direct Administrative Control Panel, you can instantly edit and update the products sold by your company.

Get Orders Right The First Time

Through PhotoLab Direct, photographers enter their own order information, making manual order entry errors disappear. Photographers are prompted to completely fill out their customized order form and provide all the necessary files to continue the order process. To ensure accuracy, when a photographer is entering an order they choose values from a drop-down menu list provided by the software and customized by you. At the time of checkout, if the order is not complete or if the selected values are in conflict, PhotoLab Direct prompts the photographer to fill out the fields correctly.

Complete Orders Efficiently

Because of the built-in features that keep PhotoLab Direct orders accurate, completing an order is simple. Album orders do not get assigned to production until the photographer has supplied all of the order components. Your staff only begins their work when an order is 100% complete. There's no starting a job only to discover you are missing pieces. With PhotoLab direct there's:

  • No more order entry errors
  • No more delays due to missing information
  • No more exchanging e-mails and/or calling the photographer multiple times before releasing an order to production

No. 1 Photographers enter orders and upload images. Free up your staff.

Where do I start? Photo Lab Direct has made our life so easy. Before we used to track out album orders by calling each department. Photolab ...