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Photographers Get To Manage Every Facet of The Production Process


When Photographers Collaborate With Their Clients And Designers, Everyone Wins.

Error-Free Proofing

PhotoLab Direct makes the whole process of proofing simpler, more accurate, quick and organized. Photographers can use PhotoLab Direct to delegate the responsibility of reviewing proofs to their clients while remaining in control of the entire order process. This web-based proof review feature is available for clients in their own homes and at their convenience. The PhotoLab Direct screens can be branded with a photographer's name/logo to enhance the level of professionalism and to drive business back to the photographer. The best part, when clients are responsible for their own proofing, album order re-do's are significantly reduced.

Clearer Communication

PhotoLab Direct helps you manage communications between designers and photographers by keeping an accurate and detailed log of all correspondences between them. Photographers can write detailed instructions to designers and approve/disapprove each page individually. In return, designers can respond with detailed text notes of their own... all while remaining anonymous. Clearer communication results in shorter production cycles and less customer complaints.


No. 5 Calculates estimated price. No hidden prices or surprises for the customer.

Where do I start? Photo Lab Direct has made our life so easy. Before we used to track out album orders by calling each department. Photolab ...