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No More "Where's My Order?" Phone Calls


Put An End To "Where's My Order?" Phone Calls And E-Mails.

Get Online, Up-To-Date Order Tracking

With PhotoLab Direct, photographers and your employees can log-on and check the real-time status of jobs themselves; there's no need for phone calls or e-mails to your staff or between internal departments. PhotoLab Direct keeps all of the elements of an order together including order selections, uploaded photos, photographer's notes and internal production notes so photographers can look at any and all aspects of an order to see where it is in the production process. Your staff will no longer waste time gathering and organizing handwritten notes, paper files and electronic FTP files to document the progress of an order. Everything is together and everything is online.

Track The Statistical Data You Need

Want to know how long it takes an order to move through your production cycle? Curious which designers produce the most cost-effective albums and which photographers and designers demand the highest number of revisions. With PhotoLab Direct's sales tracking capabilities you can do all this and more.

PhotoLab Direct can also show you where there are problems in your manufacturing process. You define the various production stages through which an order passes and PhotoLab Direct will track the time elapsed in each of these stages. Time tracking starts from the time the order is placed to the time the order is completed.


No. 3 Utilizes your existing order form. Enabling you to get up and running quickly.

Let me take this opportunity to say a big thank-you to the whole team at Photolab Direct who created this amazing web-based custom built software for ...