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PhotoLab Direct is a web basesd software program designed specifically for professional photo album manufacturing companies and professional photo labs that easily intergrates with their existing websites. At its core, PhotoLab Direct lets photographers/customers order, review, alter, collaborate and track the status of their online orders. With PhotoLab Direct you streamline the order management process, and improve your customer service.
PhotoLab Direct eliminates the endless phone calls, post-it notes, missing paperwork, and confusion usually associated with placing orders online. PhotoLab Direct takes over where your website leaves off by helping you to increase customer satisfaction, increase sales, and reduce direct service costs.

Learn more about PhotoLab Direct by downloading our informative brochure.


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No. 1 Photographers enter orders and upload images. Free up your staff.

Let me take this opportunity to say a big thank-you to the whole team at Photolab Direct who created this amazing web-based custom built software for ...