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Simple "One Click" Invoicing


Protect And Enhance Your Revenue Stream With Up-To-Date Pricing And Complete Invoices.

Automated Invoice Processing

Creating invoices manually is tedious and time consuming. Data is often incomplete or incorrect as staff members have to find the time to research all of the correct information. PhotoLab Direct will save your company time and money though automated invoice processing.

Every order fulfilled by PhotoLab Direct has an online database of the contact, product and pricing information required to generate an invoice. It's just "one click" and an accurate invoice can be printed or e-mailed to clients, saving significant accounting department time. These invoices have the added benefit of consistent formatting as defined by your company which enhances professionalism.

No. 5 Calculates estimated price. No hidden prices or surprises for the customer.

Let me take this opportunity to say a big thank-you to the whole team at Photolab Direct who created this amazing web-based custom built software for ...